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AI at MWC Barcelona

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Across the MWC conference programme, our start-up event 4YFN and our partners’ programmes, we had 41 individual sessions focused on artificial intelligence. Find out more about AI's growth, impact and potential.

Our future with artificial intelligence

Generative AI (GenAI) is poised to revolutionise how we work, live and interact. However despite this, just 35% of business leaders said they were focused on the governance of AI systems and processes. ​

So how can businesses prioritise a responsible approach to AI and incorporate trust by design in everything they do? Why is it important for organizations to account for additional areas involving data risks, model and bias risks, when they begin working with GenAI? At MWC Barcelona we looked at the impact GenAI will have on your organisation, industry and business model and how you can use it to build trust in your business and deliver sustained outcomes.

AI in numbers

  • 15.7tn

    US dollars worth of potential contribution to the global economy by 2030¹

  • +30%

    Of respondents to our annual Hopes & Fears survey believe AI will help increase productivity and efficiency²

  • 70%

    of respondents expect Generative AI to significantly change the way their company creates value in the next three years. This is taken from the 2024 CEO Survey.³

"In the age of AI, the pace of change is relentless, requiring businesses to be agile and proactive in harnessing its transformative potential."

Matt Labovich
Data, Analytics and AI​


“GenAI empowers telecom companies to revolutionize sales and service models, offering hyperpersonalised experiences and predictive innovative solutions which can surprise and delight both customers and employees thereby driving loyalty and sustained growth.”

Jeanette Calandra
Global Telecoms, Media and Technology Advisory Leader ​

²PwC’s 2023 Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey of 53,912 workers in 46 countries and territories
³PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey. Thriving in an age of continuous reinvention