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Discover the big topics around 5G, 6G, immersive technology and FinTech – and how they’re shaping our industry and creating a brighter future.

5G Acceleration

5G is unlocking untapped value for all players across the entire ecosystem. With millions of 5G devices and huge waves of new data being collected, we are redefining how the world connects.

Through greater software development, digital innovation and enhanced 5G delivery, mobile led platforms are becoming even smarter, creating new use cases and business models that will transform industry and enterprises. Our evolutionary path is accelerating technology towards 6G, quantum computing and more efficient networks. And this is a path with unimagined growth opportunities.

Topics include:

  • FWA: The Real 5G Success Story
  • Going Green: Are we Meeting Targets?
  • Ready to Talk 6G?
  • 5G Advance, Ready for Take-Off!
  • Is a 5G Future for Everyone?
  • 5G: Modernize to Monetize
  • A Quantum Leap into the Future
  • Spectrum: Delivering a 6G Future
  • Are Private Networks Over-Hyped?

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explore 5G Acceleration

*Reality +*

Reality +

Immersive technology and 5G are fundamentally changing the way we live, work and consume information and media. As advanced technologies enable new touchpoints on the customer journey and business models begin to adapt, nothing engages attention like outstanding experience.

As the exploration of extended reality and metaverse continues, 5G will be key to enabling the latest innovations in the physical, digital and virtual worlds. The customer experience in the next five years will be completely transformed – and now is the time to start exploring how we can unlock this virtual vision and bring people closer together.

Topics Include:

  • From Metaverse to Matterverse, How To Do It Right?
  • Who are the New Consumers in Web 3.0
  • The F-word of Metaverse: Future, Fad or Fraud?
  • Natural Intelligence: Can AI really think for itself?
  • Is there anything that can’t be connected?
  • How Immersive Technologies Can Transform the World?
  • XR, AI & 5G for a New Immersive Experience
  • Connecting Everyone and Everything Beyond the Mobile
  • Player One, Are You Ready?

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    Openness in mobile networks is providing significant value, as well as promising to make networks more agile and futureproof. Whilst open radio access networks have seen a significant shift in functionality, this market change must be managed carefully to deliver on that promise, whilst maintaining security and performance levels.

    Leveraging 5G, IoT, Edge and Cloud capabilities with open API functionalities will help mobile operators to create a differentiated value proposition that delivers scalable next-generation digital services. The long-term network evolution has begun – is it time to embrace open networks?

    Topics include:

    • OpenRAN: The Debate
    • That’s My Slice!
    • How are Digital Twins Driving Network Transformation
    • Open Network Security: Who is Responsible?
    • A Match Made in Space: The Relationship of Satellite and the Edge
    • Conception to Execution: Optimizing the Testing Process
    • Adapting to Network Demands on the Edge
    • Building Metaverse Ready Networks
    • The Value of the Partner Ecosystem Event

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      With the rise of NFTs (Non fungible tokens), cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, there is no denying that fintech is taking on an entirely new meaning and revolutionising the financial industry.

      Whilst technology in financial services has been around for a long time, the pandemic accelerated mobile banking and its adoption across generations. Human behaviour has shifted as a result, with growth in digital currencies and trade in NFTs opening new opportunities and risks. But given the speed at which technology is evolving today, mobile banking and digital currencies are not just about making payments more efficient; they are providing a new way to transact within a global digital economy.

      Topics Include:

      • NFTs: The One-Hit Wonder?
      • Breaking Down Fraud
      • Let's Disrupt FinTech!
      • Is the Future of Everything Decentralized?
      • DeFi-ning Opportunities
      • The Race Against Volatility: Shaping the Next Generation of Finance
      • Who Let the Cryptos Out? Widespread Adoption of Digital Currencies
      • Fighting Back Against Financial Fraud Crime
      • The Beating Heart of the Digital Payments Transformation
      • Money in the Metaverse
          *Digital Everything*

          Digital Everything

          The expansion of digital technologies represents an immense opportunity to create value for every industry. From entertainment, manufacturing and smart mobility, the industrial and enterprise world is facing rapidly moving challenges.

          Our resources are finite and we all need to do more, with less. Digitalisation, IoT and the combination of the real and the digital worlds are game changers for meeting these challenges, as we continue our evolution to Industry 4.0 and beyond.

          Topics include:

          • Remote Control: Connecting an Industrial Revolution
          • The Smart Factory & Warehouse: Accelerating Digital Transformation with 5G
          • Digital Reality manufacturing in the Industrial Metavese
          • Delivery Beyond Speed
          • Travel Beyond Cars
          • Connect Beyond the Sky
          • Reach for the Impossible